Manifesting my passion in 2023

This new year of 2023 has been already exciting for me and my art.  I had had my eye on a vacant location in downtown Grapevine, which is right next to Chez Fabian Bistro (my favorite Grapevine restaurant), as I thought it would be such a perfect gallery space.  I knew, however, that right now however I didn't have the financial and temporal wherewithal to open a gallery.  Then one day, right before Christmas, I was walking downtown with my husband and saw that RTOWN GALLERY was moving into that space.  As soon as I got home, I googled the gallery and discovered that it had another location down by the train station and that I actually knew the artist/owner, Rachel Townsend.  Even greater was that the gallery was looking for artists to be part  of this new adventure, so I immediately sent in my application.  I got a response from Rachel later that that night--and she was interested in my work.  After viewing my work, she said she would love to have me in the gallery!!

I am so happy, as I have wanted to have gallery representation for a long time and decided that I would make it happen in 2023.  That is some manifestation, as my work is now hanging in the gallery and we opened the doors on January 10.  We will be changing out the works each month, so that gives me a chance to showcase my different series and styles.  This month I have my river rock series (one of my favorites as they remind me of my summer hikes in the Rocky Mountains). 

The other big news is that we are having a Grand (re) Opening on January 28, 7 if you are in the DFW area, stop by and have a glass of wine and look at some wonderful contemporary art.