In the 1980s I earned a degree in Fine Art after getting a Bachelor of Theatre and Dance at the University of Wyoming.  In the 1990s I went to teach in Japan and did a lot of painting, and even had a sold out Art Exhibition at a Gallery. Then I  came home and was at loose ends; so I decided to go to graduate school in English literature and spent the next tweny years making my way through a Masters degree, PhD degree, and getting an academic job.  Painting went out the window, as I didn't have time, energy or money to create art.  All the while though, creative juices were burbling beneath the surface.  Finally in 2013, I earned tenure at my university and the gift I decided to give myself was painting.  

In the past I had worked mostly with oils, but I decided that I really wanted to work with watercolor, as it was faster and less messy and toxic than oils.  I had to teach myself how the medium worked, as watercolor really has a life of its own, which is both a blessing and a curse.  What I discovered is that paint companies have developed new and more vibrant colors, which I adore.  I also love the clarity of the medium and the watery element involved in the process, which represents for me the continuing flow of life.

Whether I am painting a person, a flower, or a landscape, I try to catch a flickering moment in flashing colors and let the medium itself lead the way of the painting.